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Yushu and Ganzi Litang Horse Racing festival Tours

Horse racing in LitangYushu and Litang horse Racing Festivel annually are two of the largest horse festivals in Tibet. This is a well-designed cultural expedition to map the eastern frontier of ancient Tibet Empire. You will have chances to encounter with the colorful Amdo, Kham, Gulok and Gyarong ethnic groups of Tibetan people, also visit each group’s homelands, our cultural and spiritual places i.e. the magnificent monasteries and sacred mountains. Moreover, you will take part in our celebrations of the two festivals.

The traditional Yushu Chenduo county Horse Racing Festival is from August 1th to 7th each year. This date coincides with the region's most beautiful time of year. On the green grassland, herds of black yaks, brown horses and white sheep are scattered around the multi-colored wild flowers. The blue rivers flow from the snow-capped mountain and into the distance.

The annual horse racing festival is a pageant of local Yushu Tibetans and now, for us as well. The Tibetans will dress in their traditional costumes for the event and hundreds of white tents will be set up on the green grassland in one night. The program of the festival includes horse racing, Tibetan tumbling, horsemanship, archery, shooting, dancing and singing. The Tibetan costume exhibition is another highlight of the festival.