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Amdo Tibet Tour Itineraries

 Trip 1Kumbum monastery and Qinghai Lake. 2 days.
 Trip 2Mengda Lake - Xunhua - Rebkong. 4 days.
 Trip 3Kumbum monastery - Qinghai Lake - Jakhang monastery. 4 days.
 Trip 4Rebkong and Labrang. 5 days.
 Trip 5Rebkong and Nomad Camping at Gangya Grasslands. 5 days.
 Trip 6Rebkong and Nomad camping at Tsekong Grass lands. 5 days.
 Trip 7Kumbum monastery - Qinghai Lake - Serdzong monastery. 4 days.
 Trip 8Rebkong-Labrang-Langmusi. 7 days.
 Trip 9Qinghai Lake-Serdzong monastery - Mt. Amnye Machen - Jokhang - Kumbum. 7 days.
 Trip 10Qinghai Lake-Serdzong monastery - Yellow River source area - Mt.Amnye Machen - Chabcha - Kumbum monastery - Guide. 8 days.
 Trip 11Qinghai Lake-Serdzong monastery - Mt. Amnye Machen - Tarthang Monastery - Mt.Nyenbo yurtse - Machen - Serlak monastery - Guide - Kumbum Monastery. 13 days.
 Trip 12Xining to Rebkong, Labrang, Langmusi, Zoige, Songpan and Chengdu. 11 days.

Example: Trip 12 in more detail

On Day 1 you will go from Xining to Rebkong. Rebkong is home to 3 large Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and is famous across Tibet for its artists. On Day 3 you will travel to Labrang, Amdo’s most famous monastery located in the small town of Xiahe. Labrang sits at 2900m/9500 feet with high mountains and alpine forests surrounding it. Labrang is a popular pilgrimage destination for Tibetans and is home to over 1700 monks. On Day 5 you will go from Labrang to the beautiful Tibetan town of Langmusi. Langmusi is a great place to do a short horse trek or to explore grasslands that are home to nomadic Tibetans. On Day 7 you will travel to the nomad trading town of Zoige. Along the way you will see many Tibetans herding their yaks and sheep. On Day 8 you will arrive in Songpan, which has some of the best horse trekking in Amdo. You will stay 2 nights here. On Day 10 you will head south towards Chengdu staying in the mid sized town of Mao Xian. On Day 11 you will arrive in Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan province.


All tour prices are estimates and include vehicle, driver, travel insurance and all fuel costs. Tour prices could change slightly before departure.

Tour prices do not include your meals, accommodations, tour guide, entrance tickets into temples, monasteries or parks or the driver’s meals and accommodations. The customer will be responsible to pay for the driver’s meals and accommodations during the trip.

All nomad camping tours require a Tibetan guide. All other regions no guide is required, but is recommended in order to get the most from your tour.

We still have lot of Trip for the foreigner friends to visit and For more information about Amdo regions of Tibet, please email us.


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