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Our trips include:

  • Camping with Nomads and comprehensive and detailed local knowledge of Tibetan nomad’s culture, custom and lifestyle Tours
  • Teaching detailed local knowledge of Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries Culture and Tibetan language, culture, custom and lifestyle Tours
  • Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries Tours
  • Summer Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries Ceremony Tours
  • Winter Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries Ceremonies and Tibetan traditional festivals Tours
  • Yushu and Ganzi Litang Horse Racing festival Tours
  • Special Interests Tours

We know the types of places that foreign friend travelers like to see and we know the type of customer service that is expected!

Nam Tso lake in Tibet (TAR)We provide the best customer service around! Our objective is helping you fulfill your dream adventure trip and acquaint yourself with Tibetan Detailed local knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism Monastery Culture and Tibetan language, culture, customs and lifestyle in here. Our journey will take you through the ages and geo-cultural imagination to encounter the sacred sites of one of Tibetan most unknown living spiritual traditions!

We offer with our long distance 4x4 trips, and our guides are fluent in Tibetan and Chinese and also speak English very well, we can arrange trips anywhere in the Tibetan regions of China or Trek a pilgrim’s route around Amne Machin we can help you. We specialize in remote, we will give you a good experience to see authentic and more preserved traditional Tibetan culture without many other tourists. Chose one of your suggested itineraries or build your own custom trip. We offer the best prices in the Tibetan regions of China and quickly arrange permits to Lhasa. We make getting to Lhasa easy! For those of you traveling to Lhasa we can assist in issuing the required Tibetan Travel permit, flights or train tickets to get there. Let us save your time and energy by arranging your travel needs within the Tibetan Region before you get there.

A woman from Litang (Kham)Tours can be designed your own custom trip. Visits can be arranged to nomadic dwellings, farming households, local schools and orphanage school, Buddhist monasteries, nature preserves, traditional instruments of torture, a variety of cultural and monastic festivals. We can also provide service as personal guides for traveling photographers, writers, musicians, and businesspeople.

We are located in Xining, Qinghai a gateway to the Kham and Amdo regions of Tibet. These regions offer the best exposure to Traditional Tibetan life and Culture. You will have chances to encounter with the colorful ethnic groups of Tibetan people, also visit each group’s homelands,our cultural and spiritual places i.e. the magnificent monasteries, sacred mountains and traditional Tibetan life style.    We have very good connections with many Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries in Kham and Amdo regions; we can offer detailed local knowledge of Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries Culture and History.

Chose one of our suggested itineraries or build your own custom trip!


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