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Lhasa Permits PDF Print

Travel Agreement for travelers who go to the Tibet Autonomous Region

All foreign tourists receiving a permit for the Tibet Auftonomous Region (TAR) through Tibet Culture Tour  and our Lhasa partners must read and agree to the clauses provided in this agreement before applying for a permit.

  • We can not process permits for: Diplomats, press agents, Tibetan expatriates, and travelers related to Free Tibet organizations or activities.
  • You can not deal with a Travel Permit or other necessary documents by yourself.  Only Travel Agencies in Tibet (TAR) can deal with these permits and documents.
  • The Tibet Entry Permit allows you to travel within Lhasa.  This permit does not allow you to travel outside of Lhasa to restricted areas.
  • If you want to travel outside of Lhasa to restricted areas you are required to obtain the proper permits from a travel agency within Lhasa.  We are happy to assist you in arranging these details through out partnerships in Lhasa.
  • Individual travel outside of Lhasa is an illegal activity.  All travelers outside of Lhasa must be part of a tour from a government approved agency.
  • The TAR is NOT a fully opened area.  There are some places that are closed to foreigners and even Chinese travelers.  You must follow local regulations or rules.  Check with the travel agency in Lhasa for the current policies in the areas you want to travel.  They will help you to legally enter the areas you desire, if they are possible.
  • All foreign tourists in the Tibet (TAR) must not participate in any activity that would disrupt the peace and prosperity of Tibet.  Do not do anything to destroy the Tibetan way of life and their cultural heritage.
  • You will take full responsibility in accordance with Chinese law for any illegal actions you participate in.
  • Understand that any illegal activities will also bring repercussions on the local agencies you have obtained your permit through.  Please consider how your actions affect not just yourself but the local Tibetan community!
  • We will not hold any responsibility due to policy changes.  Policies may change even after we have all of the documents.  We are not responsible for the cost of cancellation, change, or delay due to policy changes.
  • We can not guarantee refund due to trip cancellations for personal or external reasons (such as late travel, illness, etc).
  • Any change in a fixed itinerary within the TAR is dependent upon the relevant policy and our Partner Agency in Lhasa, Tibet.  We can not guarantee you a refund for your trip.



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