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Xining, QinghaiWe are located in Xining, Qinghai a gateway to the Kham and Amdo regions of Tibet.

Known as the Roof of the World, the Qinghai Tibetan is a massive area nearly 1/4th the size of mainland. Its average altitude of over 4000 meters makes it known to many as the earths “third pole”. The eternally snowcapped mountain ranges and vividly green grasslands dotted with high mountain lakes provide the natural setting for the indigenous culture of the Tibetan people. This landscape, it’s people, and culture, combined with a deep love for the secret and mysterious places. We are Tibetan from Qinghai and we have lot of experience to be a guide or translator for many foreigner friends. Before we wasn’t in a position to help any Tibetan local community not was our sure on how we wanted to help. Know we finally begun to put our dream of helping Tibetan local community into action.

Gong Ya Monastery, Nangchen, QinghaiOur Travel agency is feeding parts of the income from the travel agency back into helping Tibetan local community; our 30% of the profits will go to our development projects in Amdo and Kham regions. Our projects are to helping and rebuild old and needy Tibetan Monasteries, Tibetan needy school, children, nomad and handicapped. Our first undertaking is conservation of Tibetan Religion and culture, as well as to keep its unique tradition alive.

We sponsoring this Travel charitable activity with the hope that people from all the nations would give their loving heart to those aged who standing alone on the highland of Tibetan area who felt they are ignored.

Tibetan Life is very different from any others. Tibetan Nomads keep animals as their way of life. Nomads work very hard to make money and keep yaks to make clothes, food and tent. From this animal they get food like butter, milk, meat, cheese, and yogurt. Yak dung is used to make the fire for cooking and warming the home. Many houses are made of mud bricks.

Nomads do not have many cars or many trucks; if they want to go somewhere they ride a horse or yak. Most people drink tea, Nomads makes that tea with river water. In nomads areas there is almost no infrastructure, no bus connections to cities, no electricity and almost no shops. Life is extremely difficult. Our objective is to helping Tibetan local community and just wants to make Tibetan families who have little things to make their lives easier.

Our most recent endeavor is to rebuild GaiJia nunnery (GaiXiongTeQingSongQue Ling) the meaning is GaiXiong Mahayana. Gaijia Nunnery was built in 1893.The Nyingmapa are not widely represented in the Nangchen area but with GaiJia nunnery they possess the largest nunnery of present-day Qinghai province. It lies about 20km south of Jinisai village and can be visited on the long route from the main Yushu-TAR; it is the biggest Nyingmapa Nunnery in Qinghai Tibet. GaiJia nunnery is located in a very wet and remote Nangqian County Jinisai village, and where there is no electricity and the wall of the aging buildings are constantly crumbling, because the pray house (LaKong) are defect. The Nunnery has 800 nuns and nunnery don’t have enough room for nuns, so most of nuns have to live in another nunnery or 40 nuns live in one room, and the room square is only 50sq, the life is extremely difficult. So we try to raise enough money to buy a new piece of land and begin construction for the first phase of the nunnery. The nuns will be able to move into this section by the next monsoon season. However, to continue for the next phases of construction, we need to raise enough money to complete the buildings to house for 400 nuns. Today we proposing that all who has a loving heart please reach out your hand on the humanity basis and join to the trend of found-rise for those who really need your help we believe your little good deeds will make a difference for those nuns no matter how much it is.

Any well wisher, donor and customers can help our project in Tibet both in cash and kind, so any customers can help and contribute your help though our Travel Agency. Any Customers come to Tibet and 70% of your Travel fee will go to helping the Tibetan community. And also we will give you the best Travel experience in Tibetan area.

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